No one likes conducting workplace investigations. Not Managers or HR Professionals, not attorneys, not even most Private investigators. Why? Because they take a great deal of time and resources. Both human and financial resources. There is always a bit of fear involved. Fear of saying something wrong and creating more liability. Fear of the chaos it will cause in the workplace. Fear of the budget getting out of control based on new information that is brought forth along the way.

Using new technology to conduct your investigation brings forth a better option for the following 5 reasons.

  1. To defend the unbiased nature of a workplace, employers must use a consistent process for every investigation. Using an online platform makes it easy to prove that the process is consistent.
  2. When technology provides the progressive investigation steps, including interview questions, and direction through the assessment and decision making processes, any manager or HR professional can conduct a complaint investigation without training or experience.
  3. Accessing the right technology that drives every step in order, locking down competed steps, ensures a consistent outcome, every time.
  4. Technology can ensure complete documentation of every step of an investigation, without having to go back and re-scribe the notes from the complaint and interviews.

All five steps lead to saving time and money.

Need to investigate?!