Many of the HR professionals we talk to begin their budget planning for next year in September. And we want to help! We understand that projects such as budgeting, open enrollment, and performance reviews are time consuming. And the regular, everyday work performed by HR doesn’t stop when a project is due. Not to mention the employee relations issues that suddenly arise. So when it comes to writing a proposal for workplace investigation automation, we have done the work for you.

At InvestiPro, we know that the idea of conducting workplace investigations using automated technology is a new concept. And although you want it, it may be difficult to explain why to those with budget authority. So we have created a budget proposal template that you can use to explain the cost savings and liability protections associated with using InvestiPro.

Feel free to pass it directly on to your CFO, modify the template to meet your needs, or copy and paste the text into your company proposal template. This is not rocket science, but we hope that it saves you a lot of time, and frees you up to handle more pressing matters. And remember, if you have additional questions, were just a phone call away at 800-779-4062.

Simply download the free template below.
InvestiPro Project Proposal Template