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Employee Complaints: Employees Want To Be Heard. What’s Your Plan?

By |2020-08-27T22:08:14+00:00June 10, 2020|

Race, age and sex discrimination • Wrongful termination • Retaliation • ADA accommodation violation • OSHA violations These are just a few of the employee complaints that are increasing due to actions employers have and are taking since the COVID-19 Pandemic began. Let’s face it, we had to act [READ MORE ...]

Hey CEO, are you confident in your harassment reporting process? #NoRetaliation

By |2017-12-06T16:44:06+00:00December 6, 2017|

When asked about their current workplace investigation process, most CEOs will respond with, “HR has that under control.” To which I respond, “That’s good. When was the last time you talked with HR about it?” For those who responded that they have had a recent conversation, it generally went [READ MORE ...]

KPMG Settles with the OFCCP to Pay $420K to Asian Applicants.

By |2017-06-26T16:30:53+00:00June 26, 2017|

Last week, KPMG (one of the big four accounting and audit firms) agreed to pay $420,000 to 60 qualified Asian applicants who were allegedly not hired due to their race/ethnicity. The firm entered a conciliation agreement with the DOL/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) after applicant and hiring [READ MORE ...]

Will There Be Over 90,000 Discrimination Charges Filed In 2017?

By |2017-02-22T18:08:57+00:00February 22, 2017|

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released the 2016 statistics for discrimination and harassment cases filed for the year, showing an increase for the second consecutive year. Discrimination charges were filed in 91,503 cases (29% being sex based claims).  The interesting point here is that the agency [READ MORE ...]

EEOC to Focus on “Holistic Prevention Programs” to Prevent Harassment.

By |2016-12-06T10:12:11+00:00December 6, 2016|

With the release of the EEOC Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP) for 2017 – 2021, it is time to take a look at your Complaint, Investigation and Prevention processes and procedures. The SEP outlines the EEOC’s principal areas of focus for the next four years. According to the plan, the [READ MORE ...]

Is McDonalds Corp. a co-employer of franchise employees?

By |2016-10-11T13:57:17+00:00October 11, 2016|

Independent franchise owners need to watch for the court decision on this as it could have wide spread implications. As explained in this article published yesterday by SHRM,  15 Employees filed sexual harassment claims in which McDonalds Corp. was named a co-employer. Needless to say, the outcome of this [READ MORE ...]

InvestiPro mentioned in Top 5 HR Tech Conference Moments

By |2016-10-10T15:55:47+00:00October 10, 2016|

Not only did Steve Boese, Conference Chairman, vote for InvestiPro as the Next Great HR Technology Company last week at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago, he included us in his Top 5 Moments at the Conference. Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company While HR Tech, and plenty of [READ MORE ...]

InvestiPro chosen as finalist in “Next Great HR Technology Company” Competition #HRTECHCONF

By |2019-09-11T22:34:16+00:00September 19, 2016|

HR TECH CONFERENCE & EXPO REVEALS PARTICIPANTS IN “NEXT GREAT HR TECHNOLOGY COMPANY” COMPETITION   HR Tech | September 19, 2016 | Awesome New Technology, HR, HR Tech, HR Tech Conference, HR Tech StartUp, Technology | No Comments Conference Attendees to Vote on Eight Startups Offering the Most Promising [READ MORE ...]

Decision Maker used in investigation process may protect employers from retaliation.

By |2016-09-01T11:49:43+00:00September 1, 2016|

The number of Harassment related retaliation claims being filed with the EEOC is continuing to increase year after year.  And since retaliation judgments can be awarded punitive damages, these can be very costly claims.  Last week the EEOC released new guidance on the definitions and applications of retaliation in [READ MORE ...]

Who is going to the California HR Conference next week? We are! We are!

By |2016-08-21T11:59:49+00:00August 21, 2016|

Can you tell we're excited? If you are attending the California HR Conference next week in Long Beach, stop by the InvestiPro booth to say hello and receive a 20% discount off your first workplace investigation with InvestiPro. Let us scan your badge and receive a high quality magnifying [READ MORE ...]

A strong reminder to conduct investigations sooner rather than later!

By |2016-08-02T14:56:02+00:00August 2, 2016|

Qualcomm settles in $19.5M gender discrimination pre-suit SAN FRANCISCO – Telecommunications equipment company Qualcomm on Tuesday agreed to pay $19.5 million in a gender discrimination suit brought by female employees who worked in engineering and managerial roles. Read more at    

First Sexual Orientation Harassment Case Settled by the EEOC.

By |2016-07-11T09:25:39+00:00July 11, 2016|

This is an important article on how the EEOC is looking at sexual orientation claims. It's a worthwhile read as the determination will have far reaching implications moving forward. Notice the employer did not conduct an investigation, but rather decided to terminate the employee costing them a hefty settlement in [READ MORE ...]

This week, New York City expanded the Human Rights Law that was already one of the most employee friendly statutes in the nation.

By |2016-04-03T10:47:26+00:00April 3, 2016|

Any employer who believes they can avoid conducting workplace investigations by simply doing business as usual should take notice that discrimination and harassment law revisions are expanding employee protections, increasing penalties and allowing greater reimbursement for attorney and expert fees.  A good example happened just this week [READ MORE [READ MORE ...]

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