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Can’t We Have Consistency, Compliance AND Compassion?

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An article posted yesterday in the SHRM HR Daily Newsletter, took a stand that in HR matters,  “Consistency Might Not Be Worth the Cost.” Although I understand that no two situations are exactly the same, and careful consideration of all the factors should drive reasonable outcomes, taking out the [READ MORE ...]

4 Steps for Communicating the Importance of Liability Protection, by Corie Mallen

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In today’s society, it seems like an obvious idea that every company has an effective process in place to protect their employees and themselves from liability associated with workplace incidents. However, sometimes the costs of implementing such processes can weigh heavily on the decision to move forward with a [READ MORE ...]

5 Common Misnomers Re: Employer Retaliation

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We all know that the laws enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) make it illegal to fire, demote, harass, or otherwise retaliate against either job applicants or employees based upon the individual doing any of the following: filing a charge of discrimination, complaining to their employer about discrimination on the job, or [READ MORE ...]

Top 10 Investigation Challenges – Part 5; The investigation, when your witness won’t speak.

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There is such as thing as constructive silence….and then there is just silence. Unfortunately some employees believe that they are protecting themselves, or their co-workers, if they simply refuse to answer any questions in a workplace investigation. But the law does not allow employers to simply state that they [READ MORE ...]

This week, New York City expanded the Human Rights Law that was already one of the most employee friendly statutes in the nation.

By |2016-04-03T10:47:26+00:00April 3, 2016|

Any employer who believes they can avoid conducting workplace investigations by simply doing business as usual should take notice that discrimination and harassment law revisions are expanding employee protections, increasing penalties and allowing greater reimbursement for attorney and expert fees.  A good example happened just this week [READ MORE [READ MORE ...]

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