Well okay, not fun exactly. More like, scary, intimidating, uncomfortable, and very time consuming. But with 1 in 5 companies receiving a complaint requiring an investigation, chances are you will have to face the dreaded investigation at some point as a manager or HR professional. Good news… I am here to help you see the light! HR workplace investigations do not need to haunt you if you understand them, prepare for them, and most importantly, read this blog regularly to become comfortable with the idea of conducting an investigation.  Oh, and by the way, we will have some fun along the way. I promise!

When I asked a few random business professionals what they do when the need arises for a workplace investigation, here is what I heard:

  • We do some form of an investigation when we need to, depending on the complaint.
  • We “sort of” have a process in place
  • My boss thinks an investigation will just open us up to more liability, so we just let it go.
  • I haven’t had my coffee yet. I don’t even want to think about it.

With almost 25 years of HR experience, focused on employee relations, training and investigations (which I believe should be tied together, but we’ll get to that later) the reason I am writing this blog is to bring the investigation need and process to the forefront for HR professionals and managers, and help relieve the fear that is often tied to conducting an investigation. And yes……we will have some FUN along the way!

The blog will include the following, and will be enriched with the participation and feedback from readers.

  • Helpful tips on workplace investigation processes;
  • Real life directives on becoming a better investigator;
  • This Really Happened – a series of true life workplace incidents that will make you laugh, cry or bang your head on your desk (Don’t worry, the names will be changed to protect the innocent, and ummm the guilty too!);
  • Random moments of inspiration that we all so desperately need; and,
  • Tell me what you need. Your feedback is truly important to me, so let me know how I can help you.

That’s all for now. Come see me again soon. But before you go, be sure to add your email address to follow this blog.

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