When talking to friends, colleagues and business owners about this blog, many of them stated that they felt Sexual Harassment and other Discrimination claims are not as prevalent in the workplace as they used to be. With the required training and awareness, everyone is more careful. I hate to be negative, but in reality this just isn’t so. It only takes one bad seed to create a claim, and the company will be held liable. In actuality, the cases reported and settled out of court are increasing due to the fact that companies now know just how hard these cases are to defend. As an example, the EEOC Newsroom released information about a case that settled just this week. (http://www1.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/3-7-16.cfm). As is now the trend, this settlement was not only monetary, but also included requirements that the employer be monitored for a period of 4 years, including strict reporting, training and EEOC interviews with employees. Not a good spotlight to be under.

Now for the good news……Starting next week, I will begin providing practical “real-business” guidance on handling complaints and investigations that many of the books and resources available to business owners and HR professionals don’t cover. So be sure to sign up for email delivery of the blog posts and post your questions and comments so I can provide you with what you need most.

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